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Maybe you can feel that this age is pushing you a bit. You may feel you do not have enough time to navigate your ship to the right harbour. Same with me. I have tried to use an elementary notebook to combine my interests and goals together. Yeah! I have tried and failed many times until it happened.

I have learnt to distinguish what is and what is not possible to accomplish at the course of my day. Nowadays, two notebooks a year help me to go the right way without any hesitation. They help me to keep the distance. My core is now stronger and more stable. I am able to audit myself and set boundaries to my surroundings.

In Remini, we devote our time to delivering the best our hands can make directly into your hands to use every day. We innovate what needs to be revived and keep the original craftsman work everywhere else. Every notebook and personal organizer is precisely handcrafted to the smallest detail. You can discover lots of space for your heart, soul and ideas in every one of them. We use a high quality, non-acidic, archiving paper of a splendid creamy colour.

Paper is sewn into a block with a firm thread. The block is covered with an illustrution by young Slovak authors. The illustrations will carefully guide you through all the experiences and emotions you will find in yourself while using your notebook. Every hour you spend with it will pay off.

One year after starting remini project in 2012, I realized that my interests met my childhood dreams. As a 10 year old, me and my friend started-up a sketchbook brand. We were sponsored by our fathers and the leftover materials from printing companies they worked in. After finishing Polygraphic school I studied Visual Communication and got my degree in 2009. I founded my own studio focusing on book design and printing.

Then Remini came. Remini is all about training personal perspective by reminiscing values, cultural life and understanding history of mankind. If you write it down, you can realize what it means once you say it out loud. It has been 6 years now and we are helping other projects and authors to create masterpieces in remini notebooks. Karol Prudil

remini is a Slovak notebook brand. The name ‘remini’ is an abbreviation for reminiscences – memoirs.

What is a notebook good for? Reading and writing is brainwork which keeps your mind active, and whatever is active, is also healthy.

In addition, recording keeps our memories and important facts, captures the glimpse of our lives for times when we are different. This gives us a perspective for new steps, solutions and joy in our lives.

Blank paper is the most inspirational thing we know and most of the time beauty lies in the simplest of things. Therefore a notebook is a connection between us and people.

remini is our way to help people keep their lives progressive and with perspective.

We use high quality 90g paper of smooth creamy colour, made of 100% ECF fibres from sustainable sources according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Paper is certified: ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 9706 – paper suitable for archival purposes. NEN 2728 – standard archiving and storage. OBA free – production without using Optical Brightener Agents.

Paper is not dependent on energies. Notebook is light, provides a great writing space and it is comfortable to browse through. It is possible to use different writing utensils you have at disposal when your smartphone fails. Hand-made entries are authentical, full of emotions and tangible. They can be digitized any time.

We normally produce 6 sizes of sewn notebooks and diaries and sketchbooks in 4 sizes. But we can tailor make any format.

Remini collaborates with Slovak illustrators: Eva Polakovičová, Paulina R. Vårregn, Dominika Valentovičová, Sisa Klúčovská, Lívia Prudilová, Alica Kucharovič, Simona Čechová, Jana Cseléni, Viktória Sihelská, Zuzka Martinusová, Michal Souček and Karol Prudil.

We have a unique patented system for attaching the pen to the notebook - a perforated spring.

Special system to fix an elastic penholder, using a single hole in the back board, eases its utilisation.

We create and make custom-made notebooks, personal organizers and sketchbooks. Our book designing and visual communication crew is here to help you:

The pastedown in our notebooks reminds us of forests and landscape which it comes from.

We founded remini notebooks based on our own experience with writing and book design.

Ratio of handmade and machine processing is cca 70/30.

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