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Cookies and the use thereof on website

In accordance with §55(5) of Act No. 351/2011 Coll., on Electronic Communications, as amended, we would like to inform you of the use of cookies on this site and to draw your attention to the possibility to change your internet browser setting if the current cookies setting is not appropriate..
Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. 2002/58/EC.
The use of cookies by Google spoločnosťou Google.
Cookies are small text files stored in your computer. They are stored by internet browser at the request of individual websites that you visit. Websites can retrospectively request the content of the file.
In this way they know which pages you visited, whether you have an incomplete form or whether you are logged in. Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the majority of larger pages on the Internet.
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Types of cookies on

We currently use cookies in several ways. We can look at cookies in terms of validity period of purpose.


Short-term cookies - they are valid for the duration of your visit and their validity expires in several minutes after you left the sites. They help to achieve the basis functionality of the pages themselves.
Long-term cookies - they are valid for several days or months. They make it easy to set up sites when you return, they provide assistance with log-in or they remind you of a certain process.


Key (functional) cookies - without them the pages will not work properly. You may come across problems in forms, calculations, or you will not be able to stay signed in.
Analytical cookies - - they make it possible to trace site traffic and the use of different functions. We use them to improve the structure, design and content of the pages.
Tracking and remarketing cookies - they help us to optimise offer for customers and to address them in advertising space on other web pages.
Conversion cookies - they are used to evaluate advertising and various ways in which users visit our pages.

Refusal to store cookies

By changing your Internet browser settings, you have the option to allow or deny cookies on websites you visit. Read the help file in your browser and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that with cookies disabled, you may significantly reduce the convenience of using the web pages. Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the majority of larger pages on the internet.


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